The following chapter compatriots have presented their programs at the chapter meeting and may be available to present a program at your meeting or school.


Dewey Fry - (816) 223-8559 - deweyf@kc.rr.com 

DAR/SAR Comparison; Colonial Flags; George Washington


Bob Capps - (816) 838-5500 - bobcapps@msn.com

Finding Patriot Ancestors; Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge


John Forbes - (913) 631-4481 - johnforbes@aol.com

Reverend Johnson and his affiliation with George Washington; Sarah Ruddell, Revolutionary Captive; Lewis and Clark Expedition


Richard Cox - (913) 972-7622 – richardacox@zoho.com

Battle of White Plains, NY


Scott Larson - (816) 674-7124 – patriotbrief@gmail.com

Communication during the Revolutionary War, Forgotten Spies of The Revolution


Tim Peterman - (816) 761-7453 - tepeter100@aol.com

DNA Discoveries Family Tree’s DNA testing